Whatever the class, you are sure to walk away with a more well-rounded understanding and appreciation for the art of surveillance. It will undoubtedly challenge you and ensure a better overall performance on real cases.  It will also assist those who may be aspiring to a surveillance position within your own agency or task force and make you more marketable in your career opportunities.

(Vi-gil-air),  Latin, verb - to monitor, watch, keep an eye on 

Professional Covert Surveillance Training


Classes are offered throughout the United States for individuals, incorporating multiple people from different agencies and focusing on general surveillance techniques.

Please  contact us  if you are interested in hosting a class in your area.

​** To register for any of these classes, please go to "Contacts" and complete the contact / registration form and submit payment.

Vigilare offers 1-day and 3-day surveillance courses for both individuals and groups.

Personalized Group Training

We will come to you and provide training to an entire group or squad, with the ability to adapt

the class to your current experience level and specific needs (i.e. narcotics, fugitives).  This is a true benefit to any working squad conducting surveillances as part of their normal activities.  It ensures that the entire squad is on the same page, building comradery , discipline and teamwork, which is essential to any successful surveillance operation.

Training Schedule

1-Day Class                      


3- Day Class

****   POSTPONED   ****

We will advise when the class is rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

JUNE 1-3, 2020

*Reserved for Organized Retail Crime investigators only


​​Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Metro Complex

​400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada