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​​Professional Covert Surveillance Training


Vigilare offers a 3-day surveillance course which incorporates the fundamentals of surveillance and covert operations.  We cover a variety of topics, including case preparation, proper location set-up, surveillance terminology, vehicle and foot surveillance, necessary equipment, overall safety concerns and current best practices in the field of surveillance.  The 3-day class also offers counter-surveillance techniques and nighttime operations, including daily field practical applications where you can put your training into practice.

Our instructors are Los Angeles Police Department personnel, and each have over 25 years of experience in surveillance techniques.  They have personally worked and continue to work surveillance on a variety of different cases including, but not limited to: homicide, robbery, burglary, sexual assaults, narcotics, internal investigations, domestic and international terrorism and property crimes.

They have been teaching surveillance techniques throughout the country for over 15 years and due to their expansive training and experience, they have real-life examples and hard learned lessons to share in just about every situation.

Vigilareis standardizing the industry by providing covert surveillance training that will increase the success of investigations and ensure the safety of investigators while lessening risk management issues and liability concerns, allowing professionals to collaborate and work in unity to combat common enemies.

Vigilareguarantees an informative and easy to learn atmosphere which will help you reach your surveillance and overall career goals.

Be safe and successful, contact Vigilare!

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