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(Vi-gil-air),  Latin, verb - to monitor, watch, keep an eye on 

Professional Covert Surveillance Training

​Don't risk compromising an investigation due to a lack of training, call Vigilare today!  

No matter what your experience level, Vigilare will undoubtedly make you a better surveillance operator by focusing on communications skills, teamwork and covert techniques.  They utilize field exercises that will make any individual working surveillance or any surveillance team better and more effective in accomplishing their surveillance goals.  Great training!

Mike M. 

Detective, Robbery Homicide Division

Los Angeles Police Department


"The instructors were very knowledgeable and able to adapt the class to simulate real Organized Retail crime, to include, fraud, shoplifting, and fence surveillance with practical application.  The daily exercises allowed the team of 9 retailers from various retail companies to activate live foot surveillance after pursuing from a vehicle that involved multiple stops to  individual residences, apartment complexes, retailers and a mall throughout the Northern Los Angeles vicinity.  There  were multiple concepts that will be addressed with our entire CVS ORC team for learning and application going forward that will enhance our success in surveillance."

Hector L.

Regional Manager, CVS Health, Organized Retail Crime and Corporate Investigations

I am a retired police officer and am now working the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for a major East Coast insurance company.  Vigilare delivered some of the best Real-World training I’ve attended by using relevant instruction, dynamic field exercises and providing feedback from experts currently working in the field.   Their approach was humble, credible and professional.  This should be required training for all SIU investigators and be the standard for the industry."

Dustin S.

Investigator, Special Investigations Unit


"Supervising a task force  comprised of eleven different state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies presented unique problems with regard to differences in tactics, communications, and experience levels.  The instructors began the three days of training with the obvious knowledge and experience to quickly gain credibility with the group.  By the end of the training, the entire task force had a clear understanding of surveillance tactics and a comfort level with one another’s abilities."

Erik B. 

Supervisor, Los Angeles Border Enforcement Security Task Force 


"Vigilare offers  one of the most comprehensive surveillance training courses of its kind.  A cadre of accomplished subject matter experts possessing thousands of hours of surveillance field work have been assembled to share their proven techniques.  This course is greatly beneficial to both the new and experienced surveillance operator."

Fred T.
Detective, Los Angeles Metropolitan Task Force on Violent Gangs​


Olga Rutterschmidt and Helen Golay
Rutterschmidt and Golay were coined the “Killer Grannies”.  These women, both in their seventies, befriended homeless men and set them up in apartments.  After gaining their trust, the women had the victims sign life insurance policies, assigning them as the beneficiaries.  They later killed them and collected the insurance money.  Not only was this case made through surveillance observations, but surveillance was also able to identify and save several potential future victims.

Stephanie Lazarus
Lazarus was a veteran Los Angeles Police Department detective convicted of a murder that occurred over 20 years ago when she was a young police officer. Surveillance officers surreptitiously collected DNA which was later matched to DNA found at the crime scene. She was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison in 2012.

Scott Peterson
Peterson was accused of murdering his wife, Lacy Peterson, and unborn child in Modesto, California,

in 2002.  During the investigation, a surveillance squad following Peterson was compromised, forcing law enforcement to change tactics.  Despite this fact, he was ultimately convicted and sentenced

to death.

Alejandro Avila
Avila was suspected in the abduction and murder of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion in 2002. Once the investigators received a tip on Avila, they immediately placed him under 24-hour surveillance.  The surveillance was subsequently compromised and investigators were forced to stop and detain him rather than risk him fleeing the area. He was ultimately convicted of first-degree murder with special circumstances and sentenced to death.

Christopher Dorner

Dorner was an ex-LAPD officer, who declared war on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and their families.  He was the subject of a huge manhunt in Southern California in 2013. He killed four people before ultimately being surrounded and taking his own life.  Unconventional surveillance techniques were utilized for the first time by LAPD, in hopes of luring Dorner out of hiding during the manhunt.

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